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" I still think Christi Harris makeup, especially the foundation, is the best I've ever used...and I've never switched in the 10 years I've been using it. I've had several makeovers with other brands, but in the end, I was not happy enough with the result to purchase the foundation. And, you wouldn't believe the compliments I get on my makeup. (Just the other day as I was walking through a store, a rep for Bobbi Brown stopped me and told me what a flawless face I had and asked what makeup i used...and if I had applied it myself!)

I have, however, experimented with other eye shadows and was disappointed mainly in the way it goes on. Your product is such a fine powder or something, that is doesn't fall off of the brush below my eyes as I'm applying it...and it blends so easily. So, I am using Christi Harris makeup products exculsively...
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" I was introduced to Christi Harris skincare and cosmetics a couple of years ago when I was given a gift certificate for a makeover and makeup lesson for my birthday. Since then, I have been a loyal user of the skincare products and love practicing and applying the skills I learned in that first visit.

As a couple more birthdays have come and gone, I have noticed changes in my skin (dry patches here, break outs there). When I saw that Christi was offering Frustration Fixer appointments at the Beaute Playground in Dallas, I jumped at the chance. During my appointment I not only learned what to do to combat my current frustrations, I was able to get a refresher on achieving that perfect brow arch and to experiment with more colors and techniques to lift my tired eyes. I left there (as always) feeling refreshed, confident, beautiful and inspired to continue the regimen that is helping combat the effects of those birthdays that keep coming faster than ever!
                                                       -Tamie Carroll
                                                        Plano, Texas

Bad hair and Good Hair Illustration
"Attending a Christi Harris seminar does wonders for your self-esteem, your presence and your health. Christi taught me how to care for my skin like no one else and because of that, my skin feels and looks so much better! I encourage everyone (men and women) to learn about skin care from Christi Harris."

"A friend and I went in for just a Half Day of Beauty and we both decided to have the brows done also. WOW! What a beautiful difference - it is amazing what a difference it makes to have my eyebrows a little bit thinner and arched at the proper angle. Thanks - you have wonderful informative employees."

"I had a recent conversation with a friend I hadn't seen in several months. When she saw me, she just marveled at how great I looked...she thought I had had 'wor' done on my face! When I told her it was my new makeup...she wanted to know right away how to contact Christi Harris! I have received so many comments from people about how good I look the only change is my makeup, so thanks Christi! At age 56 I need all the compliments I can get! Love all the products...remember 'I deserved it ALL'."
                                                                                                                                                  - JUDY

"My husband and I were living in Saudi Arabia. The heat and blowing sand were destroying my skin. On a business trip to Dallas, I read an advertisement for Christi Harris and being curious, I scheduled a make over. I spent an afternoon with a Christi Harris Specialist, which was the beginning of a huge transformation for me.

The Saudi Arabian weather precipitated extremely disastrous effects on my skin. To compound the damage, I was cleaning my face with soap and water. The result was numerous clogged pores and premature aging wrinkles. After a few weeks of using the cleansing regimen of Christi Harris the clogged pores were remarkably gone. My skin had a new, more youthful texture and I felt rejuvenated.

I have used the products...
"        

"Three weeks before my wedding, my mother purchased a "makeover" for us at the Christi Harris Salon. Our goal was to learn how to apply our makeup well enough so that we wouldn't have to hire someone to do it for us at the wedding. To our surprise and joy, not only did we learn how to apply our makeup, but also received an incredible lesson on skin care.

I had, for years, been to dermatologists and skin care clinics trying to get rid of my moderate acne and uneven skin tone. It seemed to be a losing battle. However, Christi had a completely different view on how to take care of my skin. At first, I had trouble believing the instructor, as she taught me how important it was to "moisturize" and "seal in the moisture". That was completely contradictory to everything the dermatologists had told me over the years. All I had ever been taught...
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"Christi did my eyebrows and told me about her hair products. I'm from Canada. I did buy all the hair products plus extra gel spray. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking how could something improve hair over night. You had said I would notice a difference immediately. Well, I haven't stopped being amazed. I haven't used any other hair products since I started using yours. No extra gels, no hairsprays, nothing. My daughter asked me if I didn't do something to my hair while I was away. Everyday I see an improvement. Today it looks amazing, full and soft. I will be a regular customer for sure. I'm still amazed at how the spray gel works. I'm also surprised at how good my hair looks in the morning after sleeping on it.

Anyway I could go on and on. I just wanted to say thank you for convincing me to try your products. I will now be a faithful customer and so will my friend that was with me. I'll be raving to everyone here.
" - Sue