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Christi Harris Skincare

Christi created her Skin Treatment Collection to mimic skin function, providing exactly what skin needs, when it needs it and in the appropriate proportions. Skin treatment fads have come and gone throughout the past three-plus decades, with the introduction and availability of harsh chemicals, alpha, beta and fruit acids, and a host of other ingredients, many synthetic, whose long-term effects have not yet been determined. However, in all these years, the Christi Harris Skin Treatment program has never changed because when skin care is based on SKIN THEORY—how the skin functions naturally—there is absolutely no advantage to utilizing ingredients which, at the very least cannot improve the condition of the skin, and further could potentially cause harm.
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<br><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt;">Skin Treatment Collection</span><br><br> Eye/Lip Makeup Remover Pads Cleansing Lotion

Skin Treatment Collection

Our Price $233.00

Simply the most comprehensive, results-oriented skin treatment system available! The complete...

9 pieces

100% cotton pads saturated with a lightweight formula that condition...

80 pads

A gentle, creamy cleanser that thoroughly emulsifies make-up, dirt...


Freshener Honey & Almond Exfoliant Mint Pack

Cooling exfoliant prep that loosens dead skin cells for easy...


A regenerating polish combining naturally healing honey to cushion...


This deep pore cleansing and refining mask utilizes Bentonite Clay...

1 oz.

Moisture Lotion Night Cr&egrave;me Eye Cr&egrave;me / Lip Balm

Night Crème
Step 6 - PM

Our Price $31.00

Intensive and ultra-hydrating, this water-based nourishing lotion...

4 fl oz.

This enriched, oil-based creme provides a protective barrier...

.5 oz.

The ultimate protectant, essential for preserving moisture around the...

.5 oz.

Mint Wash Day Hydra Seal

Mint Wash
Step 1 - AM

Our Price $12.00

An invigorating cleanser that lathers away surface oil and bacteria...

3 oz.

Launch Special through August 31, 2018

With skin nourishing ingredients this Day Hydra-Seal Multi-Targeted, climate smart elixir seals moisture in the skin all day and helps to increase elasticity and helps prevent thickening of the skin. Its Anti-Aging properties ...

1 OZ. | 30ml