" I still think Christi Harris makeup, especially the foundation, is the best I've ever used...and I've never switched in the 10 years I've been using it. I've had several makeovers with other brands, but in the end, I was not happy enough with the result to purchase the foundation. And, you wouldn't believe the compliments I get on my makeup. (Just the other day as I was walking through a store, a rep for Bobbi Brown stopped me and told me what a flawless face I had and asked what makeup I used...and if I had applied it myself!)

I have, however, experimented with other eye shadows and was disappointed mainly in the way it goes on. Your product is such a fine powder or something, that it doesn't fall off of the brush below my eyes as I'm applying it...and it blends so easily. So, I am using CH makeup products exclusively...but still wishing that I lived closer to the makeup center in Dallas!

I just wanted you to know what my experimentation has proven to me. Bottom line, Christi Harris products, especially for the money, are WONDERFUL! And for the most part, I see myself over the next year (as I use up the products I now own and enjoy) switching back to most, if not all of them.
" - Robin