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— Follow Step A & B mainly when brow planing™.
  Load #1 Designer end (gold) of the Designer / Definer brush with pigment.
    • Place brush vertically from base of nose to inside corner of eye. Mark Beginning to get width of brow.   • Still at the base of nose, place brush directly over pupil. Mark the Arch.   • Finish at the base of the nose to the outside corner of eye to mark the end of Tail.      
  Using the same end of the brush connect the dots to create a custom template.
    • Place the end of the brush horizontally with the longest point toward the nose.   • Create a fine line at the bottom of the brow from Beginning to Arch to Tail.   • Repeat on the top of brow. This is your brow map to plane around.   NOTE: Should be able to see some sparse areas that need filling in, that weren't noticed before.  
  Flip the Designer / Definer brush over to #2 Definer end (black). Load this end with Adda Brow™ to fill bald or sparse areas.
    • Stipple the Adda Brow™ within the brow map where sparse, using firm pressure and upward strokes. Deposit fibers for natural texture. (If you are not sparse, skip this step.)   • If more color is needed, apply Brow Pigment over the Adda Brow™ with the same stippling motions.   • Trim when needed. Brush brow hair up and hold with finger to see excess length.   • With the Precision Brow Planing™ Shears trim the excess length on top and sides of brow map.  
  When Brow Planing™ it is imperative to keep the forehead relaxed to avoid unnatural brow placement.
    • Starting at the top of the brow, place the Brow Planer™ flat against the skin. With a gentle, downward stroke creating a clean line. Stop at the brow line. Use care NOT to remove the arch/peak.   • Repeat the technique from the side along the "tail" of the brow, planing just to the brow map.   • Underneath brow, place the very tip of the Brow Planer™ to the skin, gently lift hair upward and slide against hair growth. Remove only hairs outside the brow map.   • Plane between the eyes using the same gentle downward or side-to-side motion.  
  Load the #3 Diffuser end (fan) of the Diffuser / Refiner brush with Brow Diffuser to diffuse brow color for a natural brow.
    • Firmly sweep from beginning of brow to the tail to diffuse Adda Brow™ and Brow Pigment.   • Repeat as needed to achieve desired shade and softness, yet not remove color.   • Flip the brush over to #4 Refiner end (spooly) and sweep through brows to eliminate excess powder.      
  Load the very tip of the Crème Contour Highlighter brush with Eye Lift Highlighter for added lift and seal brow hairs in place with Eyebrow Sealer.
    • Place brush directly underneath brow, apply small amount to create a thin line. Repeat above the brow.   • Blend with finger until desired lift is achieved.   • Take the Eyebrow Sealer, using the integrated brush, stroke from beginning of brow to tail in the direction of hair growth.   • Using the #4 Refiner end (spooly) of the Diffuser / Refiner brush, lightly sweep brows with upward diagonal stroke to keep hairs in place.