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  Using the Precision Angle Eyeliner brush, dampen brush with water and roll into Cake Eyeliner to make a paste until brush is loaded. Place tip of brush at base of lashes. Apply starting with inner eye lashes and extend to outer lashes. Apply Cake Eyeliner thin at inner corner and thick toward outer corner. To make top lashes appear thicker, apply a thin line on the inner rim of upper lash line.  
  Using tip of the sharp pencil, apply color to make a 1/4" wedge to outer edge of upper eye lid for a lifted effect. Blend inward, toward the iris with the tip of Eye Blender Sponge brush. Also, apply color in pink waterline of lower eye lid directly above lower lashes to turn up eye lid.  
  Using Eye Shadow Definer brush, load tip of brush. Apply on upper and lower lids close to the lash line to set Eye Pencil and Cake Eyeliner. When applying pigment underneath the eye ridge and into the lashes, slightly slide the tip of brush back and forth to ensure proper application.  
  Apply, to top and bottom of upper lashes. Hold applicator horizontally and slightly jiggle side to side in an upward motion at base of lash line. Apply to lower lashes, holding applicator horizontally and gently touch ends.