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Apply over the Hydradermal Intensive Lift and Moisture Lotion in the morning. May be used as a sheer foundation or blended into the skin before Crème Foundation is applied. Apply over the entire face, neckline and eye area.

Note: Allow Moisture Lotion to absorb into the skin and dry completely before application or the Second Skin will tend to roll. The Second Skin will help lock in Moisture Lotion when applied correctly.


Apply an opaque coverage of Crème Foundation over Second Skin on entire face. Pat and sweep onto face with fingertips. Do not apply to eye lids or neck area. Apply enough Crème Foundation to cover any blemishes or discoloration. Opaque coverage will give a total physical sunblock from UVA and UVB rays. Crème Foundation can achieve a range of coverage from opaque to sheer, in addition to creating a canvas to blend tints, contours and neutralizers. For a natural look, your color selection needs to match your overall skin undertone.


Apply oil-free Liquid Tint to set the Crème Foundation, even out the skin tone and achieve a perfect color match. Liquid Tint appears dark initially but will blend into the Crème Foundation. Using fingertips, apply 3 to 5 small dots onto each side of the face as illustrated. Pat with sweeping strokes all the way up the face directly underneath the bottom of your eyelashes. Do not rub into foundation.

Use the Egg-Shaped Sponge and Moisture Lotion to blend any noticeable line on the chin and edge of the hairline. After blending, make sure your face color matches your neck.

Note: In summer when skin tones get darker apply more Liquid Tint instead of changing the color of Crème Foundation.