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  Using the Chiseled Shadow Blender brush, load both sides of the brush heavily with lighter color and blend over entire upper eye lid to set the Eye Perma Stay.  
  Using the Chiseled Contour / Blender brush (angled end), form an outer angle shape to lift the eye. Refer to illustration B1.  

Follow the natural curvature of the bone, stipple inward toward the nose, to contour. Apply a contouring eye pigment above crease or over excess skin, as shown. You should have what looks like a backward 7. Refer to illustration B2.

Flip brush to the other end (rounded end), and without any color applied to the brush, smooth over any rough edges using a windshield wiper motion.
  Using the Eye Blender Sponge brush (for opaque coverage), pat a highlighting eye pigment onto center of the eye lid to give the appearance of a brighter eye.

NOTE: Can also use the Chiseled Shadow Blender on the eye lid for sheer application. The lighter the color and more opaque the coverage the brighter and more open the eye will be.
  Using the Chiseled Contour / Blender brush (rounded end), apply a highlighting eye pigment directly under the brow to highlight and add lift to the eye area.  
  Using the Chiseled Contour / Blender brush (rounded end), without any color applied on the brush, sweep over upper eye lid using a windshield wiper motion to blend and diffuse color application.