For over 30 years, Christi's passion for turning basic beauty into greater beauty has resonated with literally thousands of loyal followers. It is from this experiential and educational background that Christi again and again saw women's frustrations with skin and hair care products, as well as cosmetics.

Christi founded her company on a passion for serious skin care, high-quality, effective cosmetic products and education, education, education. She believes that all women have the ability to learn to be their own make-up artist with a little guidance, instruction and support from her highly skilled Beauty Specialists and amazing products that give immediate results. Hence her philosophy: See It. Learn It. Do It. Christi has always stayed true to her philosophy to empower teens and women of all ages and lifestyles to appreciate their individual beauty and perfect their preferred look, maximizing both confidence and charisma!

With the myriad options on the market, from department to drug stores, she witnessed too many women purchasing promises that did not deliver. She then set out to make a difference developing skin treatment that normalized any skin type, then hair and body treatments based on the physiology of our bodies, her wonderful anti-aging Hydradermal products, and finally, cosmetics that created a flawless, yet natural finish. And the most important concept of all offering the education women craved, and theretofore had been denied, to become their own best beauty expert.

Today, Christi Harris is sought for her experience, wisdom and advice in all things beauty including remedying frustrations, speaking truths and dispelling myths. Christi's Beauty Playgrounds were designed for women of all ages to come together to learn, play and just be girls. Christi knows busy schedules and finding "me time" can be difficult, but every woman deserves to take some time for herself and play in the sand box of beauty. She created the Beauty Playgrounds so women and teens have a place to have fun in beauty and learn at the same time. The education given at the Beaute Playgrounds is priceless because women can use it for the rest of their lives. Christi's unique way of teaching assures women and teens that they can recreate their new look at home. With her Beauty Playgrounds, she continues to create user-friendly, affordable products and tools, and teaching techniques that simply deliver

In addition to referrals from Oprah Winfrey and Oprah's feature article on brows in "O, The Oprah Magazine", Christi is recognized as one of the top beauty experts in North America. She has been featured on Inside Edition, E Entertainment, Fox, Money for Breakfast, a regular on Great Day Houston Ask Christi to Fix It, Tyra Banks Show, CBS, NBC, ABC, CW and other popular national talk shows. She is a regular on the home shopping network ShopNBC. Inventor of the revolutionary Precision Brow Planing System, Christi Harris has changed the age-old method and eliminated frustrations of shaping and shading brows with no tweezing, waxing or threading. Her infomercial has reached out to thousands of women who as Christi says, "Is saving their brows for life".

Christi Harris products can be purchased online, by phone at 800.346.4599, and Christi Harris Beauty Playgrounds.

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