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A great deal of tender loving care has gone into the formulation of Christi Harris products and the design of her tools. Christi Harris created every product personally, keeping in mind how certain colors are to be applied with her unique hand-made brushes, achieving perfect results quickly. Each product in the make-up line is designed to work together in perfect succession to achieve maximum benefit and coverage. Accentuate your best features and mask perceived flaws.
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Spatulas Pore Refiner Puff Refills Egg Shaped Sponge


Our Price $5.00

Pore Refiner Puff

Our Price $6.00

Egg Shaped Sponge

Our Price $10.00

Multi-purpose tool for every Beauty Toolbox. For proper hygiene and to save your...
Set of 5.

Specifically designed for use with our Pore Refining Pressed Powders...
Set of 3

Absolutely required for every Beauty Toolbox, this unique, reusable sponge blends make-up without streaking...

Precision Brow Planer™ Brow Diffuser Clear Lip Gloss

Brow Diffuser

Our Price $19.00

Clear Lip Gloss

Our Price $20.00

Exclusive to Christi Harris, the Precision Brow Planer™ offers perfect, painless, precision...

Even out brow color with the Brow Diffuser. The unique formula...

Our Clear Lip Gloss delivers high gloss, luxurious feel and long...
.125 oz.

Click Chromatic Loose Pigment For Color Options Diffuser / Refiner Brush Click Lip Enhancing Gloss For Colors

Chromatic Loose Pigment

Our Price $20.00

Diffuser / Refiner

Our Price $21.00

Chromatic Loose Pigment is 100% pure pigment offered in a finely...
.125 oz

A stroke of genius, one end is the perfect span to soften and highlight, while the opposite end...

Get voluptuous lips without the painful expensive injections...
.05 oz.

Lip Extender Pencil Click Lip Pencils For Color Options Click on Image for Color Options

Lip Extender

Our Price $22.00

Lip Pencils

Our Price $22.00

Lip Color Cream

Our Price $22.00

Unique to the Christi Harris line, LIP EXTENDER highlights and extends...
.04 oz.

“Perfect Pout, Please.” Our 100% Kohl lip pencils slide on and stay...

"Kiss Me Now" colors, highly pigmented and flattering with...

Click Eye Pencils For Color Options Click Lip Overlays For Color Options Lip Definer Brush

Eye Pencils

Our Price $22.00

Lip Color Overlay

Our Price $22.00

Lip Definer

Our Price $23.00

Simply incomparable, our 100% Kohl pencils whisk on easily and wow all...

Richly pigmented, our Lip Color Overlays--provides a sheer, all...
.05 oz.

Provides a beautiful, expert Lip Color application. Gently blends lip pencils and easily glides on Lip Color...

Precision Brow Planing™ Shears Second Skin Under Base Mascara

Mega Lash
4-in-1 Mascara

Our Price $24.00

Don't tweeze those single or wayward hairs, only to create a bald spot. The Precision Brow...

Our luxurious formula provides the skin with a silky-smooth texture...

A Monster Mascara! Our richest, most luxurious blackest-black mascara formula...

.25 oz.

Mascara Click Shadow Pigments For Color Options <br><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12pt;">4-IN-1 Eyes & Lashes</span>

4-IN-1 Eyes & Lashes

Our Price $26.00

Your Lashes...AMPED! With its unique formula and full-bristled brush, Flash Lash ...

.25 oz

Professional colors provide an exquisite finish from sheerly natural...
.07 oz.

Absolute Brilliance! Thick Lashes ... NOT Thick Liner! As we mature, the 'real estate' on our ...

.07 oz.

Blue Neutralizer Eye Lift Highlighter Green Screen

Blue Neutralizer

Our Price $28.00

Eye Lift Highlighter

Our Price $28.00

Green Screen

Our Price $28.00

Blue Neutralizer, with a sienna (orange/brown) pigment and...
.125 oz.

An instant eyelift...immediately enhances brow arch, visually lifting...
.125 oz.

Green Screen, with a pale green pigment and non-reflective base...
.125 oz.

Smile Smoother Brown Contour White Contour

Smile Smoother

Our Price $28.00

Brown Contour

Our Price $28.00

White Contour

Our Price $28.00

Smile Smoother, with a pale yellow pigment and non-reflective base...
.125 oz.

Brown Contour, with a neutral dark brown reflective base, is used to...
.125 oz.

White Contour, with a pure white and reflective base, is used...
.125 oz.

Cake Eyeliner Eye Perma Stay Pressed Pore Refiner Powder

Cake Eyeliner

Our Price $28.00

Eye Perma Stay

Our Price $28.00

Our Cake Eyeliner, with its engaging, perfectly balanced blend of brown...
.07 oz.

Our Eye Perma Stay, a universally flattering shade of cream to powder...
.125 oz.

Our luxuriously silky, triple-milled matte formula is the final step...
.7 oz.

<br><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12pt;">Lite-N-Brite</span> <br><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12pt;">Lift-N-Lite</span> <br><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12pt;">Face Brightener</span>


Our Price $28.00


Our Price $28.00

Face Brightener

Our Price $28.00

Best. Beauty. Boost. EVER! Our new, super silky 'daylight white' powder formula...

.07 oz.

Bye Bye Botox! Play with Lift-N-Lite just above, and under, the brow bone...

.14 oz.

Pro Lighting in a Flash! Our nothing-like-it-anywhere, specially formulated matte illuminator...

.125 oz.

<br><span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12pt;">Instarase</span> Click Blush Pigments For Color Options Precision Angle Eyeliner Brush


Our Price $28.00

InstaYOUTH. InstaSNAP. InstaGENIUS. Like a filter on a camera lense...

.11 oz.

Take your face from drab to dazzling, fatigued to fantastic with our Blush...
.11 oz.

For ultimate glamour and gorgeous eyes, this fine-bristled liner brush provides...

Chiseled Shadow Blender Buffing Loose Powder Cr&egrave;me Contour Highlighter Brush

Chiseled Shadow Blender

Our Price $31.00

Buffing Loose Powder

Our Price $32.00

Supple, full and indispensable! Use this brush to apply a wash of all-over...

Our universally neutral brown Buffing Loose Powder is...
1 oz.

Designed specifically for creamy textures, this unique, precisely flat brush...

Eye Shadow Definer Brush Click Cr&egrave;me Foundation For Color Options Click Liquid Tints for Color Options

Eye Definer / Smudger

Our Price $34.00

Crème Foundation

Our Price $35.00

Liquid Tints

Our Price $38.00

A Make-up Artist favorite, Eye Definer / Smudger is designed for defining...

Spots and dots are only cute on puppies! Our Creme Foundations...
.7 oz.

Custom blend your exact match with our Liquid Tints. Day to night...
1 oz.