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At birth skin begins its natural function of skin cell renewal... generating billions of new skin cells every day. Dead cells collect on the surface of the skin, creating layers that become a barrier that prevents water from entering the pores to hydrate & nourish the new cells below. When dry & flaky skin occurs, it seems clear that one should moisturize. However, this only increases the barrier buildup which leads to even drier skin.

Lack of moisture absorption causes problems by disrupting the regular function of oil production. The balance of the skin is altered causing dry patches and at the same time excess oil. Water or moisture can penetrate the skin's surface & has the ability to heal, moisturize & balance skin. When water can't absorb into the skin the sebaceous glands are sent false signals that the skin is dry & in need of more oil, leading to over-production. This oil, when combined with dead cell buildup, clogs pores & creates blemishes such as blackheads, whiteheads & acne.

The skin must be gently exfoliated DAILY for moisture to be absorbed. Using chemicals or aggressive methods is not recommended due to the disruption of the natural 28-day cell renewal cycle. Daily exfoliation keeps dead skin cells & other factors from building a barrier and keeps the skin clear & constantly absorbing what the skin needs...moisture.

Cleansing skin with cool water encourages easier removal of dead skin cells & unclogs pores. Cooled skin will accept water more readily & deliver it deeper into the tissue. The face and neck should be masked weekly to thoroughly unclog pores so water has an open pathway for absorption. For skin to have 24-hr. nourishment a water based moisturizer needs to be covered with an oil based night creme to prevent water evaporation.

Other skin concerns can develop from the damaging effects of the environment. Sun exposure, chemicals and air-born irritants can aggravate rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and other disorders. These factors, combined with hormonal fluctuations and the ongoing aging process, rob the skin of its smoothness, firmness and elasticity. Balanced, healthy skin can only be achieved by following Skin Theory. Christi Harris' Skin Treatment Collection is specifically designed to follow Skin Theory, proving that when you give the skin what it needs, balanced skin is possible.

Christi Harris has extensively researched skin theory, the scientific principles of how the skin functions. Through this research she determined that skin could actually be balanced and repaired by using treatment products containing natural ingredients the skin recognized, in a precise and consistent order, and in conjunction with very specific techniques such as cleansing, daily exfoliating, masking, hydrating and sealing in moisture.
With this knowledge, Christi created the Skin Treatment Collection to mimic skin function, providing exactly what skin needs, when it needs it and in the appropriate proportions. Skin treatment fads have come and gone throughout the past three-plus decades, with the introduction and availability of harsh chemicals, alpha, beta and fruit acids, and a host of other ingredients, many synthetic, whose long-term effects have not yet been determined. However, in all these years, the Christi Harris Skin Treatment program has never changed because when skin care is based on SKIN THEORY—how the skin functions naturally—there is absolutely no advantage to utilizing ingredients which, at the very least cannot improve the condition of the skin, and further could potentially cause harm.