Three weeks before my wedding, my mother purchased a "makeover" for us at the Christi Harris Salon. Our goal was to learn how to apply our makeup well enough so that we wouldn't have to hire someone to do it for us at the wedding. To our surprise and joy, not only did we learn how to apply our makeup, but also received an incredible lesson on skin care.

I had, for years, been to dermatologists and skin care clinics trying to get rid of my moderate acne and uneven skin tone. It seemed to be a losing battle. However, Christi had a completely different view on how to take care of my skin. At first, I had trouble believing the instructor, as she taught me how important it was to "moisturize" and "seal in the moisture". That was completely contradictory to everything the dermatologists had told me over the years. All I had ever been taught was to use products to DRY OUT my skin to get rid of the acne. And moisturizer??? I only used that on my legs!!! Needless to say my skin felt and looked so good after the course, I purchased the whole line, skin care, makeup and all.

Within 2 weeks I had numerous people comment on how good my skin looked. I was astonished, as I hadn't told anyone about my change in skin care. Had some one else told them? I had NEVER before been given a compliment on my skin. And that was that. I was hooked. After having had terrible skin, there is no way I would switch. As the saying goes..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
- Adrienne