I always wanted that smooth, flawless look and tried every makeup promising to make me look like their advertisement. My daughter-in-law (a former Miss Virginia) was not only beautiful but had that finished put together look I wanted. She introduced me to Christi Harris Cosmetics (her favorite) by doing a makeover on me…I loved it! Their products are everything they claim to be and their service is great! - Judye

I just wanted to let you know about the great experience and customer service my mother and I received at the Dallas location.

We had an appointment for a Classic Lady anti-aging for my mom and a make up lesson for me. The artist was great at the instruction and always made us feel important, even as she had to take care of other customers and answer the phone. She gave us great tips and tricks and really made each of us happy with our results.

You have a great employee and even though we think it's a great product, what will keep us returning is the great customer service. We even went in the next day and got more!

Thank you and we look forward to looking great!

- Cynthia Qualls
  Tulsa, OK

I have been using Christi Harris cosmetics for years, but I always learn about a new tip, technique or product when I go in to visit. Everyone there is so friendly, warm and helpful. In my most recent visit, they shaped my brows and then gave me the kit and planer to use at home. I had a problem with dark circles around my eyes. It was remedied with smile smoother and blue neutralizer. Applying cocoa eye shadow to the top of my eye lid made my eyes appear larger. I also started using the hydradermal intensive lift and I can already see a visible difference. Kudos to Christi and her excellent staff for the way they always listen and help me to remedy any problem that may arise. Thank you - Pat Bianco

I wanted to share my experience when I was visiting friends in Dallas. I was at an all time low due to the fact that I am facing a kidney transplant. I really try not to give my medical problem too much power but at times is difficult. On this particular day I decided to do something special for me. I entered the mall by way of Nordstrom. That's as far as I got because that's when I met my angel. I have never allowed anyone to sell me products but on this day something happened. I had a wonderful time and learned so much about taking care of my hair and skin. Sitting on that stool was like having a great moment at a spa (it was just what I needed). I can't say enough about the Hydradermal Intensive Lift. The smell is great and I love the way my skin feels...Even my granddaughter commented and asked what I was doing different. She said the magic words, "You look younger." I can't be without the Volumizing Gel, I am truly addicted. My hair is always shiny and feels so clean. - Alberta

I used the Christi Harris system for a while after I was introduced to the products. It was an easy system to use and the products were all good. I was lured away by all the promises advertised by much more expensive products. Bottom line - they make a lot of promises but they don't deliver. The Christi Harris system is as good as any of the other much more expensive systems and it is easier to use. Your skin looks really good and the anti-aging properties work. There is nothing harsh or abrasive in the line, and all the products work together to promote healthy skin. I won't switch away again! - Terri Hecklinski

I had a great time working with Christi it was so helpful to me and I am so pleased with the changes. Until you go through an update to keep your makeup appropriate for our changing age we just don't realize what a difference this can make in our appearance. Just the help Christi gave me on my eyebrows made me look totally different.

I have been using Christi Harris's total skin care for 16 years. I have always gotten compliments on my skin and continue to at 55 years old. Periodically I have considered making a change in makeup just to try a new product or think I might save some money. I never have because I have always been so happy with the quality of the product, the wonderful personalized customer service I always receive from you, the ease of auto ship and most importantly how good I feel about how my skin and makeup have always looked from age 39 to 55.

I intended to come in for an update ever since I turned 50 and just continued to put it off thinking I'll get to it later when I have more time. When I received the email that Christi was going to do some of these it made me actually call for an appointment I really wanted her expertise. Even if I have been happy with my appearance all this time I could have been happier sooner as I took away so many helpful things. It is the best thing I have done for myself since loosing 42 pounds! It just reinforced my continued commitment to Christi Harris products as long as I'm showing my face. Think the mortician will use Christi Harris when I'm in that casket??????!!!!!!!!
- Jackie

Three months ago, I would have never believed that I would be writing a testimonial like this, but here I am. As one who is not often prone to gush, I can honestly say that your products have made a truly remarkable difference in my skin. It is nothing short or miraculous!

I have always tried to take excellent care of my skin as best I knew how. I was religious about keeping it clean and using a sunscreen/sunblock. I always made a concerted effort to stay informed on the "latest and greatest" in the world of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, using only the "best" (and often some of the most expensive) treatment/cosmetic products.

Good genes carried me through until I began to go into menopause and then I became like a car that had just gone out of warranty. Everything began to go wrong. I was frantically trying anything...

I met Christi at a makeup demonstration that her Mother invited me to attend in 1981 and have used her products ever since. Several times I have strayed to other products but have always come back to Christi Harris because of the quality and results of her products. One of my favorites, and one I believe cannot be beat, is the moisturizer. Another of my favorites is the volumize hair product. - Sharon

I may be one of the “oldest”—also one of the most long-term customers of Christi Harris. It has been 20+ years since my first makeover at Christi Harris on Beltline Road. The Christi Harris Makeover Center in the Galleria was definitely an upgrade!

In my younger years, I would try one makeup and skin care program after another and never could find one to stay with. When I started with the entire product line that Christi Harris provides, I have not changed.

I recently went in for the “free frustration fixer” session! And Christi, herself, spent a lot of time giving me some great age-defying pointers! One thing I always like critiqued when I go by for products is how I’m doing with my eyes. That was the focus this time as well. Christi gave me some great hands-on help with my eyebrows that I have been able to apply this week, and it really makes a difference. She and her makeup artist helped me so much with eye color and placement. Also I got some great pointers about the contours I use, but now I am using them to much greater benefit.

All in all, it was just a treat to have the “girl time” visiting and learning more about makeup and how it helps us not only take better care of our skin but also to look as good as we can at any given age. Probably the one thing that I have said to people when they comment about my skin and makeup is once you put your makeup on, it stays looking good all day long—very little freshing required!

What people need to know and understand is that the Christi Harris makeup team is there to help us—not just the one-time makeover but whenever we need a little extra “lesson” with a review or as I do—just about every time I go in for products, I take full advantage of the expert help that is there for the asking…
- Sandy Riffe