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Christi Harris created her Hair Treatment Collection so all women could obtain beautiful hair. The Collection was developed according to the scientific principles of how the hair functions, Hair Theory. Her system pairs precisely formulated products with specific steps that properly cleanse, exfoliate, treat, moisturize and protect the hair. This combination supports the structure of the hair, which encourages its natural functions, providing balance and allowing self-repair.

Her 7-step restructuring system delivers healthier hair within two weeks...supplying the hair with what it needs, when it needs it, and in the right amounts. The Collection makes it simple to keep the hair in perfect balance with daily maintenance, a weekly 3-minute treatment boost and the ultimate styling aid. Each product is infused with Chemtrix Complex—a unique combination of amino acids, the protein building blocks of hair. Fortifying the hair from the inside out, this unique formula maintains the correct ratio of protein and moisture, the answer to healthy hair.

Enjoy the luxury of beautiful, enviable hair. With consistent and appropriate balances of protein and moisture, hair becomes healthier, more vibrant and resilient, and brilliantly shiny, making styling your hair a pleasure. All hair types, especially color-treated, experience dramatic results with consistent use. With our system, fine hair has fullness and body, unruly hair becomes tame, and frizzy hair is smoothed, virtually eliminating 'bad hair days'.

Everyone wants beautiful hair...silky, shiny & full of body. The key is balance, hair that has equal amounts of protein & moisture. These essential elements are stripped from the hair through sun exposure, chemical processes & heat styling. Stress, diet, hormonal fluctuations & the aging process also threaten the natural balance & condition of the hair.

Healthy hair must be both strong & supple, able to bend without breaking. This is possible only when the cuticle, the protective outer layer, is smooth, flat & intact. When the hair strand is damaged, the cuticle is weakened by cracks, resulting in dry & brittle hair that breaks easily. This condition is a symptom of protein deficiency, not a lack of moisture.

Since hair consists of 80% protein, it is the only substance that will heal & repair the strand. Only a plant-based protein with a small enough molecule will enter the strand, any other type will just sit on the surface, coating the hair. When the cracks are filled with protein the bond reinforces the strand, restoring resiliency.

After the damaged hair strand is patched with protein it must be sealed with moisture. Protein should always be used in combination with moisture. If used alone, protein can dehydrate the hair, & if you condition with just moisture the strand will merely become limp.

This fusion allows the hair to receive strength through protein & hydration through moisture...simultaneously, without sacrificing one for the other. It is important to always treat the cause, not just the symptoms of hair frustrations.