My husband and I were living in Saudi Arabia. The heat and blowing sand were destroying my skin. On a business trip to Dallas, I read an advertisement for Christi Harris and being curious, I scheduled a make over. I spent an afternoon with a Christi Harris Specialist, which was the beginning of a huge transformation for me.

The Saudi Arabian weather precipitated extremely disastrous effects on my skin. To compound the damage, I was cleaning my face with soap and water. The result was numerous clogged pores and premature aging wrinkles. After a few weeks of using the cleansing regimen of Christi Harris the clogged pores were remarkably gone. My skin had a new, more youthful texture and I felt rejuvenated.

I have used the products religiously for over 10 years and though, I am now sixty years of age, I still receive compliments regarding the condition of my complexion and makeup.   - Judy Holsman