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If our eyes are the windows to our soul, the brows are definitely the window dressing! Beautifully shaped and groomed eyebrows create a frame and focus to our most expressive facial feature. Often ignored as being unnecessary or feared for potentially looking unnatural, brow maintenance needn't be intimidating or frustrating. The key lies in recreating your best brow regardless of age, ethnicity, personal style and lifestyle.
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Professional Brow Planing System Precision Brow Planer™ Adda Brow™

Adda Brow™

Our Price $26.00

Tired and torturous methods of the past — waxing, tweezing, threading — are painful...

Exclusive to Christi Harris, the Precision Brow Planer™ offers perfect, painless, precision...

A fibrous, yet slightly translucent crème fills bald areas and adds...
.125 oz.

Precision Brow Planing™ Shears Professional Brow Pigment Brow Diffuser

Brow Diffuser

Our Price $19.00

Don't tweeze those single or wayward hairs, only to create a bald spot. The Precision Brow...

Universally flattering hues used to achieve a natural match...
.07 oz.

Even out brow color with the Brow Diffuser. The unique formula...

Eye Lift Highlighter Eyebrow Sealer Crème Contour Highlighter Brush

Eye Lift Highlighter

Our Price $29.00

Eyebrow Sealer

Our Price $25.00

An instant eyelift...immediately enhances brow arch, visually lifting...
.125 oz.

With picturesque brows, Eyebrow Sealer offers 24-hr. wearability...
.50 oz.

Designed specifically for creamy textures, this unique, precisely flat brush...

Designer / Definer Brush Diffuser / Refiner Brush

Designer / Definer

Our Price $42.00

Diffuser / Refiner

Our Price $24.00

Positively "goof-proof", our dual-ended Designer / Definer brush, on one end is more...

A stroke of genius, one end is the perfect span to soften and highlight, while the opposite end...