Three months ago, I would have never believed that I would be writing a testimonial like this, but here I am. As one who is not often prone to gush, I can honestly say that your products have made a truly remarkable difference in my skin. It is nothing short or miraculous!

I have always tried to take excellent care of my skin as best I knew how. I was religious about keeping it clean and using a sunscreen/sunblock. I always made a concerted effort to stay informed on the "latest and greatest" in the world of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, using only the "best" (and often some of the most expensive) treatment/cosmetic products.

Good genes carried me through until I began to go into menopause and then I became like a car that had just gone out of warranty. Everything began to go wrong. I was frantically trying anything I could to stave off, what was looking like, the inevitable process of looking a whole lot older--and spending a whole lot of bucks doing it in the process.

The skin on my eyelids and under my eyes was getting so dry that I had a hard time getting my eye shadow and concealer to look right. The eye area was looking really dry and wrinkled. My lids were so dry that I wasn't able to draw a smooth eyeliner line because of all the wrinkles and crepiness. At some times of the year, I literally had to go to the dermatologist to get a prescription for something to treat the inevitable eczema that erupted around my eye area.

Even after having tried so many different, supposedly wonder working, eye creams, eye gels, and even eye masks, this area still looked so old and parched. Amazingly, some of these products even made the dryness worse, irritating my skin so badly, that I had to stop everything and apply the prescription eczema cream. Each product had promised that I would look so many years younger (claiming anywhere between 5-10 years, depending on the product). At this rate, with everything I had tried, I figured the skin around my eyes should have looked like that of about a one-year old. Let me assure you that was indeed not the case!

The eyes weren't the only part of my face that were on the decline. I had two lines on either side of my chin that were getting pretty deep. My lips were looking dry and had had vertical lines on them. Also, the texture of my facial skin was rough with large pores. It also was not as firm as it once was and I was beginning to loose the translucency I once had. My neck was losing its firmness and was looking saggy and dry.

Having had a combination (somewhat oily/somewhat dry in places) skin, it had always been a challenge to reach a state of equilibrium. If I got the oil under control, other parts of my skin were too dry. If I got the dry parts back to normal, the oily parts got too greasy. I resigned myself to somewhat dry areas and a lot of powder touch-ups during the day on my oily areas. Then there was the problem of breakouts. The really emollient creams caused terrible cystic acne. Conversely, some of the drying anti-acne products caused irritation and eczema on other parts of my skin. I felt like I couldn't win.

Then I found out about the Christi Harris line. I attended a Beauty Buddies Seminar. I must admit that I was quite skeptical about using both water based and an oil-based moisturizers on my combination skin. I was sure my skin would break out. I had been exfoliating on a daily basis, but my skin looked parched. The next day after attending the seminar, I could not believe the difference! My eye area, now looked soft and less lined. My eye shadow went on like a dream. My skin was smooth and moist--not dry and not too oily. I was sold in one treatment. That week, I went out and bought the treatment and immediately started using the line.

Over the past several months, my skin has gotten better and better. It truly has been unbelievable. Those vertical lines on either side of my chin are greatly diminished. Excess oil, blackheads, and breakouts are a thing of the past. My skin now has a smooth, firm, moist texture. Even my neck is firmer and less lined. My husband commented that I was looking "younger all the time." We both agree that my skin looks as good as it ever has ( and we've been married over 20 years).

This is such a great line! Everything works as promised and it does so quickly. The other pleasant benefit is that these products are a lot less expensive than most department store cosmetic and cosmeceutical lines. I feel a lot more comfortable with the gentle daily almond scrub than I ever did with glycolic peels (too harsh) or even professional dermabrasion sessions (too expensive). Also, the scrub does a much better job at exfoliation than even the professional dermabrasion.

Thank you for such a remarkable change in my skin.
- Patti Goslen