I feel that the seminar I attended on “Look 10 years younger” was the most comprehensive and informative skin care programs/sessions I’ve ever attended. I used Lancome for about 15 years and was fairly happy with the results; no complaints really. Yes, I did not have a full understanding of “how to care” for my skin. I have been using Christi Harris products since June of 2005. I see visible results of a more even tone and I’d say I have a sparkle, maybe it’s radiance? Friends have remarked on how healthy I look.

I know I have a good regimen of cleaning and care, know and feel the benefits of doing so. Where I live in the Sierra Mountains at an altitude of 6300 feet, it’s extremely DRY. The lotion with spray does hold in that moisture so I don’t have to apply hand lotion as often as I used to. My skin is silkier and I might say, a youthful look.
- Roxanne

I've been using Christi Harris products for about 6 months now. When I began a combination of breakouts and the natural effects of aging plagued me. After going on Christi's 8-step Skincare regime I can say that my skin has improved noticeably in clearness, texture and brightness. In addition, I've found her anti-aging line of makeup to be long wearing and the color selection really does make a difference! - Beth

I traveled to New York after Christmas with my husband. Upon arriving at the home of my brother and his wife, my sister-in-law asked me when I had a face lift. She is 5 years younger then I am and she was amazed that I looked younger then her.

I purchased the complete line of products from you. Went cold-turkey off topical and oral medicines my dermatologist has given me for years. My skin is better now than it has been in years.

I wanted to thank you and Christi for the great hair care products. My hair looks and feels so much better than it has in a long time! I don’t know why I ever stopped using Christi’s products – I am glad to be using them again! - Julie

I have had a tremendous change in my hair now that I have been using the hair care system for about a year. No more flakes, no more brittle hair that I thought was the result of menopause. It was the result of poor hair care! - Wenda

After using Christi Harris products for 12 years, I began to take good skin for granted and tried another brand. Almost immediately I noticed a negative change. My skin was dry and rough. I went back to Christi Harris and now my skin is soft, smooth and healthy once more. - Elizabeth

For years I suffered from rosacea. When I finally tried Christi Harris skincare, I couldn’t believe the results. My friends even noticed the difference. Christi Harris fixed what the best dermatologists in Dallas could not. Everyone should try her products! - Linda Cano, Dallas tx