Christi's Story

Growing up on a dusty road 20 miles north of Abilene, Texas, making over her dolls and creating her first makeover center out of a detached garage was the beginning of something larger than young Christi could imagine. At a young age her only source of fashion and beauty was gathered from the pages of Seventeen magazine. Close to her Bible, it was the second best book in her mind. Her role model in Seventeen was Colleen Corby, a very popular model in the 60s. "I wondered how she had such beautiful dark hair and camera-ready makeup," says Christi. Christi dreamed of having that same poise, grace and beauty. Nothing spurred her interest. She was simply born curious about beauty.

After graduating from high school, Christi decided to pursue her fashion and beauty dreams. Against her parents' wishes, she loaded up her things in a small U-Haul and moved to Dallas. Determined to make it on her own, she applied for a school loan and enrolled in Wade's Fashion Merchandising College at the Dallas Apparel Mart. Her parents were always supportive, even if they disagreed, and told her with enough perseverance and determination she could do anything. She left home with an ingrained set of morals, a "west Texas" work ethic, and a heart to help the world.
Christi discovered her true mentor in Susan Wade, founder of Wade College. Miss Wade took Christi under her wing after giving her an extreme makeover. "She assured me I could model and she believed in me. I shall never forget that Miss Wade told me to get some hot pants and white go-go boots to go on all of my 'go-see' modeling jobs. I remember dreading that call home to tell my mom that I needed some hot pants and go-go boots. She thought I was a 'fallen' woman at best and now ... go-go boots," says Christi. Modeling gave Christi an opportunity to put into effect the knowledge she had dreamed of gaining, as a young girl turning the pages of Seventeen magazine. With the experience of a few modeling jobs behind her, Christi went back to Anson to visit her family and to make over her girlfriends after church. She couldn't wait to share what she had learned. "I can't tell you how many girls I made over in west Texas. I would even cut their hair at no charge. I just loved to see people feel good about themselves and gain confidence", says Christi.