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We sincerely hope you are safe and healthy along with your family and friends. Finding answers as we all work through this international pandemic is our first together and staying healthy and at peace is not effortless. Our future is worth the effort and we are taking all precautions to keep our staff and our beauty community safe. To our loyal customers we thank you and to our newbies we want to welcome you to a brand that has taught Self-Beauty since its inception and in a way you can achieve all things beautiful, yourself.

At this time we are open at

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic our all new website has been delayed a few weeks. Watch for announcements coming will be thrilled. Debuting our ALL NEW website that has been a labor of love and hate for a year. Just in time for all of us having to set aside time for ourselves with the Pandemic and sheltering in more. We invite you to our home away from home, in a safe environment as you experience our amazing products proven to deliver immediate results, our new beauty services, tutorials and tips and rewards for you. Christi's Learn section is full of facts you may find you wished you had known a long time ago. We are continually adding new topics to meet your needs as we share solutions, based on facts and foremost ... the knowledge we so richly pride ourselves in ... Self-Care Beauty.

We are following stringent hygienic guidelines to ensure that your packages are prepared and sent in strictest accordance with the health recommendations. All packages are shipped same day and in a timely manner to your door.

Our Christi Harris Pros are available by phone and can update you on our Flagship services or assist with product selection or even coach you through complete application to make beauty concerns a breeze.

Whether you are working from home or outside your home, fundraising, or homeschooling, caregiver, patient, captain of industry, mom or teen, let us show you how we have taught thousands of women how to reinvent their beauty needs without depending upon others. Discover how you can become your own beauty expert in a clear and concise way that makes sense in the NEW/NOW and into the future. It starts with Christi Harris and ends with YOU!

When you look in the mirror what do you think?
Does that reflection tell us about us?
This is something we can control everyday?
What can we do to get a positive answer from us?

It has been proven the impression we have of ourselves can determine how it makes us feel then and even more so in this NEW/NOW. Keep up your health and beauty, even if it is only for YOU. Feeling good about yourself instills self-confidence that may inspire you to innovate, transform and discover new talents that form your future.

When you are serious about results and want to be independent of others for all of your beauty needs, Christi Harris is your source. We are the Genuine, the Original, Self-Care Beauty Brand. Our Self-Care Beauty knowledge empowers all of us to have more self-confidence and self-assurance to innovate and create our Own Kind Of Pretty. Christi Harris has been Innovating Beauty Solutions since 1973.

Beauty Flagship Covid-19 Policy
We made a twist & a turn. However...we continue to turn basic beauty into greater beauty at our Dallas Beauty Flagship. Stay updated HERE for our Covid-19 Policy.

We continually update our services for safety adhering to our Covid-19 Policy.
* Call for details
* Appointment Only
*Together we determine your needs
* Select appropriate service or customize
* Optional Facetime or Zoom Lesson or Chat

* Call for curb side pick up | 800.346.4599 ext. 5
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* Shop in Beauty Boutique Flagship - Covid-19 Policy, appointment only.

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