Professional Shadow Pigment Color Description

AMERICAN PERIWINKLE Eye Pigment is an engaging, yet sheer blue with just a hint of lavender. Fresh, crisp and youthful. Dispell any negative connotations of the dreaded 'blue eyeshadow' from decades gone by. BANANA Eye Pigment imparts a soft-focus, sheer, golden-yellow hue. Perfect as an all-over base, or for lid and brow highlighting. Blends easily into most any of our other Pigments. BERMUDA SAND Eye Pigment is a universally flattering favorite! Super sheer and virtually weightless, it sets Eye Perma Stay flawlessly and provides an amazing base and highlight for a fresh, youthful look. BONE Eye Pigment is a classic, opaque bone/beige.  BRONZE Eye Pigment is a gorgeously burnished rose/gold brown that makes eyes of any color dance like magic! May also be used as a liner. BUTTERCREAM Eye Pigment is a soft, yet noticable buttery yellow, almost as delicious as its namesake.  BUTTERSCOTCH Eye Pigment is a fabulous staple addition to any shadow wardrobe. Mid-toned and opaque, Butterscotch eye pigment blends seamlessly to complement virtually every other Pigment in our collection. A must-have. CHAMPAGNE Eye Pigment is as elegant as its name implies. A beautiful, shimmery peach/pink, Champagne is perfect for all-out glamour! CHOCOLATE Eye Pigment is the perfect neutral brown suitable for any eye color or skintone. Who doesn't love Chocolate? CINNAMON Eye Pigment is a sensational toasted orange/brown. Magnificent on blue and green eyes, sexy and fabulous on brown eyes! COCOA Eye Pigment is as yummy as a steaming mug on a cold, winter's day. A slightly cool brown, Cocoa is versatile for day into evening wear. COPPER BROWN Eye Pigment is a brilliant, blendable, universally flattering burnished brown. No shadow wardrobe is complete without this amazingly versatile pigment. CREME Eye Pigment is the perfect highlight for all! With a light opaque coverage it can be used for highlighting on the lid and as an all over color to set Eye Perma Stay. DARK BLONDE Eye Pigment makes not only the perfect Brow Pigment for fair complexioned blondes, but also a delightfully natural daytime contour shadow. DARK BROWN Eye Pigment is perfect as a Brow Pigment for brunettes as well as a decadent contour and liner color for daytime into nightlife. Dark Brown also makes a gorgeous liner!  DOVE GRAY Eye Pigment is a must for most everyone, but certainly for the green-eyed beauties out there. Perfect for a soft, heathery daytime look! EGGPLANT Eye Pigment works as an exquisite contour and liner color for brown- and green-eyed girls. Rich burgundy brown with just a bare hint of shimmer. Try it as an eyeliner -- an unexpected alternative to black or brown.  ENGLISH HEATHER Eye Pigment a lovely and gentle yet seductive mid-toned violet brown. GOLDEN BROWN Eye Pigment, as its name suggests, is a fantastic mid-depth golden brown. Great for casual daytime wear on medium skintones, and takes fair complexioned ladies into the night effortlessly and beautifully! LAVENDER ICE Eye Pigment is a sexy, silvery lavender shimmer perfect for a daytime statement or a night on the town. Especially flattering on brown eyes! LIGHT BROWN Eye Pigment is a favorite Brow Pigment for dark blondes to light/medium brunettes. As a shadow, it makes a delicate contour perfect for daytime wear. MISTY PEWTER Eye Pigment stands out as a rich, burnished silvery bronze, evolving in candlelight like none other. MONACO GOLD Eye Pigment will make any wearer feel like royalty! Our clean, clear buffed gold is slightly shimmery and perfect for lid highlighting.  MYSTIC FOREST Eye Pigment makes everyone feel enchanted! Mid-depth, true forest green, this pigment is incredible on brown and hazel eyes! Makes a gorgeous liner as well when mixed with water or our Eye Brow Sealer. OPAL Eye Pigment is a must have for every shadow wardrobe. Just as in the natural stones, our Opal pigment picks up light and color from every angle, bewitching all those within her sight.   PEACH Eye Pigment is naturally luminous and universally flattering. PLUM Eye Pigment renders a seductive and sexy violet brown shade, beautifully flattering to brown, green and hazel eyes, most especially. ROASTED CHESTNUT Eye Pigment is a matte, toasted copper-brown. Mid-depth in tone and very blendable. Great daytime wear. Make blue eyes zing!! SMOKEY RUM RAISIN Eye Pigment is a deliciously deep plum brown offering versatile looks from casually natural to wildly exotic. A favorite! Try it as a liner for a gorgeous departure from black or brown.   ST TROPEZ VERDE Eye Pigment is as fresh and gorgeous as the vegetation on a tropical island. Shimmery, silvery gray/green, St. Tropez Verde is sure to please. Vacation! SUNSET Eye Pigment is the perfect sunny golden hue perfect as a base, highlighter or all-over color wash for a fresh, natural look. TAUPE Eye Pigment is a staple in any shadow wardrobe. Versatile and blendable, Taupe is universally flattering and easy to wear.  TEAL Eye Pigment is a toasted blue/green with a hint of gray and brown. Beautiful as an accent shadow, contour or liner. VIOLET Eye Pigment is a light, bright, true to tone violet shade. WHITE SATIN Eye Pigment should be in every lady's shadow wardrobe. Exquisite as a highlighter or base, White Satin is a true beauty classic.