Before and AFTERS: Capture Your Look - Part 1
All beauty lessons follow the steps in the "Makeup Application Guide". Colors applied and final look is customized to your needs, lifestyle and personality. For ALL makeup application steps click here.

"Forever Young"
  • The Crème Foundation covered the redness, blemishes and shine creating flawless skin.
  • The Smile Smoother, Blue and Red Neutralizer cover her dark circles brightening underneath the eye, while Green Screen highlights the temple lifting the entire eye area. The contours, contoured the cheekbone, jaw line and nose, sculpting the entire face.
  • Her eyes were lined with the Black Eye Defining Pencil to lift the eye lid up and give the appearance of a fuller lid. A medium eye shadow was applied in the crease to contour and give depth to the eye while keeping a natural look .
  • Pink Copper lipstick was applied to bring out the soft tones in her skin and brighten her face.

"Hot Momma"
  • The Crème Foundation flawlessly camouflaged redness around her nose, cheeks and chin.
  • Contours & Neutralizers were used to brighten, highlight and lift the eye area, while contouring the cheekbones.
  • The Black Eye Defining Pencil was applied around her eyes on the upper and lower lashes to open the eye more.
  • The Precision Brow Planing™ System enhanced and framed her brows, completing her look.

"Business Professional"
  • The Crème Foundation covered the pink in her skin, brightening her face.
  • The Contours & Neutralizers brighten, highlight, lift and contour her face naturally and flawlessly.
  • Shrimp is a good color blush for her because it gives the right amount of color she needs without being pink all over.
  • Blushing Berry lipstick was applied to make the lips look plumper and noticeable.